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AiB offers businesses the chance to receive fresh ideas and high quality deliverables at a price that won’t break the bank. AiB Consulting offers consulting projects for paying clients seeking assistance. Access to new perspectives, consultants with diverse backgrounds, and the resources of Texas A&M University are three examples of the value created by hiring AiB Consulting.



AiB provides fresh ideas and high quality deliverables at a reasonable value to clients.


Interdisciplinary support

AiB employs graduate students from numerous Mays Business School programs and disciplines, including MBA, Economics, Marketing, Accounting and Finance.


Value Creation

AiB uses new perspectives, diverse consultants and the resources available through Texas A&M to create value for clients.


Our Services.

AiB Consulting does not have a “typical” project or client. Our clients have ranged from small engineering firms, to financial investors, professors, entrepreneurs, and a large nation-wide shipping company. Our projects have wide ranging scopes.

Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis identifies current and potential competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and helps a company determine where to position itself.


Marketing Plans

Marketing Plans

The purpose of a marketing plan is to establish strategic marketing objectives and outline the processes that will be used to achieve them.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study is needed to determine the viability of a business idea, and is conducted using specific market research.


Business Plans

Business Plans

A business plan clearly defines a company’s goals and objectives, states why they are attainable, and identifies the steps necessary in order to obtain them.

Market Research

Market Research

Market research consists of gathering information about markets, consumer needs, the competition, market trends, or other needed information.


Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis

Financial analysis seeks to take the company’s financial data and convert it into information necessary for decision making.


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Our Team.

Our Team.

AiB is comprised of talented consultants with backgrounds in many disciplines. Our consultants are the best MBA, graduate and undergraduate students available both within and outside Mays Business School. These outstanding consultants have an opportunity to lead and manage the operations of a real world company. Our talented consultants come from different backgrounds and disciplines to offer fresh ideas for your business needs.
In addition, AiB consultants regularly tap into the expertise of advisors throughout Texas A&M and in particular through the Mays business school within the Center of New Ventures and Entrepreneurship.

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Past Projects.

Past Projects.


AiB consulted a fabless semiconductor company located in College Station to help them discover new market opportunities. AiB did research to discover the companies’ competitive advantage and in a largely saturated market and helped them discover target markets based off of this. AiB presented the company with a coherent marketing and branding plan to capture their target market and included schedules of how and when to implement these changes.


A local wine company consulted AiB to learn about their customers, social media marketing, and to perform a SWOT analysis of the company. AiB began by doing research on the customers – studying their wine preferences based on factors such as age, race, and gender. After identifying the customers, AiB researched social media marketing that would apply to these customers and that other similar companies use. Finally, AiB performed a SWOT analysis and used all of their research to advise the company how to best move forward in social media marketing.

Home Pet Care

A home pet care service asked AiB to help them discover the market opportunity in the Highland Park/University Park neighborhoods of Dallas, Texas. AiB researched the demographics of the area and compared that to the target market of the company. After learning about the market, AiB completed an entire business model including pricing recommendations and barriers to entry to aid this company in their decision of whether to enter this market.

Automobile Marketing

A large marketer of automotive products reached out to AiB Consulting to perform a market price comparison of brakes, batteries, alternators, shocks, and starters as well as the profitability of each type. AiB Consulting surveyed both local and large chain automotive shops in over 15 cities in order to find the average labor per hour and labor cost by installation type. After collecting data from over 650 companies, AiB prepared a cohesive report detailing the average profitability on each product type as well as the labor associated with it.


Our Pricing.

Projects are based on a pre-approved work plan, and typically range from 100-300 hours. Before projects begin, the client is responsible for a deposit of 50% of the estimated cost. Upon successful completion of the project, the client is billed for the remaining portion.



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